Fingerprints?? How beautiful this is..

The most powerful things are always embedded in the little things we overlook. Ever imagined how fingerprints came about? what led our fathers into this discovery?.

Before the invention of fingerprinting, a system called anthropometric which was invented by a French man named Alphonse Bertillon. He uses an anthropological technique for physical measurements in regards to his field of study as a biometric researcher and he was a law enforcement officer. Before that, criminals names and photographs were used as a means of identification when a person is being arrested. He also invented a photographic system called Mug Shot(pictures of criminals are taken from the waist to the top of the body)as a way to keep documentation.

This went on for a while until May 1 1903, an African-American, William west came into Leavenworth prison located in the United States. On entry, it was discovered that someone with the same measurements, picture and name he was also in prison and this left the police and the chief Judge in can this be? It has never happened in history that any two persons can look exactly the same. William west denied ever been in prison before then.

Thanks to the fingerprinting pioneer Charles Darwin’s Cousin, Late Henry Faulds, a medical doctor and a missionary who got interested in fingerprinting during his missionary activity in Japan in the year 1880.

Also in the year 1858, an English speaking businessman called Williams Herschel, in order to reduce fraud requested the handprints of his workers.

The fingerprint of William west
Fingerprints of the former will west who was already in prison before William West. I

If it were not for the arrest of William west Fingerprinting would not have been you today. There have not been any other unique system for identification just as Fingerprinting.

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